Asian Divorce

After the mass migration from subcontinent in the 20th century, the Asian community makes up a significant proportion of the population.  The Asian community are now second and third generation. Whilst with time the Asian community have integrated within this country, there are still significant cultural aspects which continue until this day.

It is not uncommon to find:-

  • the gifting of substantial gold at the time of marriage
  • a communal funding system between siblings and parents to run a household and purchase properties and businesses
  • assets and bank accounts in the subcontinent, including ancestral land
  • the dowry system

Asian divorces can be messy, due to the mixed funding methods used to purchase assets, without legal documents setting out actual beneficial interest. The disappearance of gold at the time of the divorce. Also the property and monies transferring between family and friends, both in the UK and the subcontinent.

We have a wealth of experience in dealing with divorce cases from the Asian community, and we have an exceptional understanding of the culture.

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