Disputes about children can happen at any time, irrespective of whether you are married or not. Children tend to be central to the separation process as it’s important that the needs of the young people caught up in that are put first. We can help you explore ideas and make decisions that will work for your family.

Whether matters relating to your child are dealt with in conjunction with the divorce process if you are married or simply upon separation if you are not married, you shall have the same legal remedies.

We encourage our client’s to explore out of court of resolutions, as it is important for parents to reach a swift agreement amicably if possible, in order to minimise the impact this will have on the child.

However there are circumstances, which will require you to act quickly and issue court proceedings to ensure that your rights and those of the child are not abused. For instance, if your child has been abducted abroad, or you believe the abduction abroad is imminent.

Our expert lawyers can advise on all matters relating to children, including the following:-

  • Child Arrangement Orders – in order for you to have contact with your child or sharing custody with other parent or fighting for sole custody
  • Child Abduction – If your child has been removed from you care or a risk that your child will be removed. This can include the child being removed from this jurisdiction and we can apply to the court urgently. We can also act for you, if you are a parent from a different jurisdiction and your child has been abducted to this country.
  • Specific Issue Order – if you and the other parent cannot agree over issues such as schooling, relocation, religion, name and medical treatment of the child.
  • Financial Provisions – Even if you were not married to the other parent, you may be entitled to pursue an application for financial provisions, for the benefit of the children, depending on the other parent’s financial circumstances. The financial provision can include private schooling, housing, holiday allowance etc.
  • Adoptions – Both international or national adoptions
  • Grandparents – We also advise other parties, such as grandparents with respect to their rights of having access to the child.

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