Islamic Divorce

Muslims believe that the Islamic marriage ceremony, the Nikah, is imperative, in accordance with Sharia. The Nikah is not considered a valid marriage under the English legal system, however many Muslims do not undertake the civil marriage, and therefore do not have a “legally” valid marriage. Thus the parties will merely have the rights of cohabitees.

Whether you are married in accordance with either Islamic and English law, or simply Islamic law, we are able to advice in relation to all matters.

Our services include:-

  • Divorce – We can advise on Talaq, Khula, Fask, and advise you on the appropriate option to pursue subject to your circumstances.
  • Islamic Marriage Prenuptials – We advise and prepare pre-marriage contracts, the terms of the contract reflect Islamic principles.
  • Islamic Financial Settlement – We advise on your entitlement under Sharia Law. We are also able to advise and enforce the Mahr payment through the Courts, even in the absence of a Civil marriage.
  • International Islamic Divorce – Cross jurisdictional divorce, you may have married in a Muslim jurisdiction by a Nikah and you or your spouse may have obtained an Islamic Divorce in a Muslim jurisdiction. We can advise you on your legal position, including pursing a claim under English law. We are able to assist you, even if you are based abroad.
  • Islamic Mediation – In order to assist in reaching an amicable resolution

In order to discuss the above, or any other matter relating to Islamic Divorce, please do hesitate to contact us.

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